St. Augustine Choir

St. Augustine Choir fulfills its music ministry by singing regularly at three Sunday Masses a month complete with instrumentation; at special liturgical services, parish functions and other special occasions. Through the years, the Choir, in coordination with the other ministries, has taken the lead in the Easter Sunday Dawn Procession and Mass.

The Choir has also brought cheer and joy to the sick & elderly and to other families & groups during the Christmas season.

The Choir serves as a faith-sharing group and participates in various parish activities and fellowships.

The St. Augustine Choir has in a way, evolved as a support group and extended family since its members have developed friendship and camaraderie among themselves and is gradually expanding these positive relationships with other parishioners and members of the community.

In the past, the Choir has attended seminars/ workshops on music & liturgy organized by the Music Ministry. Every year, several choir members attend the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim and share their learnings and experiences with the rest of the group especially with reference to worship through liturgical music and songs. The Choir has also organized Lenten spiritual recollection for its members.

President Anna Quijano
Vice President Imelda Medina
Treasurer Eric Gatchalian
Secretary Rina Basilio




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